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    This Library contains many popular books used in our Motion & Control courses throughout the world.  Feel free to contact us for ordering information. 

  • Industrial Hydraulic Technology

    Industrial Hydraulic Technology - 2nd Edition (Bulletin 0232-B1)
    ISBN 978-1-55769-056-2 
    The Industrial Hydraulic Technology textbook is designed to introduce a student to hydraulics as it relates to industrial machinery.

    List price: $50


    IHT Answer Booklet (Bulletin 0232-B7)

    This booklet contains the answers to the chapter quizzes found in Bul. 0232-B1, Industrial Hydraulic Technology, 2nd Edition.

    IHT Instructor Guide (Bulletin 0232-B2)

    ISBN 978-1-55769-057-9
    This is the Instructor's Guide for the student textbook (Bul. 0232-B1). The Instructor's Guide includes the answers to the chapter quizzes and margin notes for the instructors.

  • Hydraulic Maintenance Technology

    Hydraulic Maintenance Technology (Bulletin 0240-B1)
    ISBN 1-55769-019-7 The Hydraulic Maintenance Technology textbook provides detailed maintenance and troubleshooting information for the user of industrial hydraulic equipment and is a valuable reference for designers of industrial hydraulic equipment.

     List Price: $40.00

    HMT Answer Booklet (Bulletin 0240-B7)
    This answer booklet contains the solutions to chapter quizzes in Bul. 0240-B1, Hydraulic Maintenance Technology.

    HMT Instructor's Guide (Bulletin 0240-B2)

    ISBN 1-55769-024-3 This Instructor's Guide contains the answers to chapter quizzes for Bul. 0240-B1, Hydraulic Maintenance Technology and margin notes for the instructor.

  • Mobile Hydraulic Technology

    Mobile Hydraulic Technology (Bulletin 0274-B1)
    ISBN 1-55769-039-1 Mobile Hydraulic Technology is one of our most recent additions to the line of Parker technical textbooks. Over 400 pages, this text covers such technical topics of steering systems, directional control valves, hydraulic cylinders, fluids and applications.

    List price: $99.00

  • Pneumatic Technology for Industry

    Pneumatic Technology for Industry  (Bulletin 0212-B1)
    ISBN 978-1-55769-049-4
    This is a beginner level text provides a practical overview of how things work in a pneumatic system.

    List Price: $80.00

    PTI Answer Booklet (Bulletin 0212-B7) 
    This booklet contains the answers to the chapter quizzes found in Bul. 0212-B1, Pneumatic Technology for Industry.

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