Welcome to the Parker Chomerics University.

Approximately 50 training modules are available to you to help you learn about our products and technology.  There is a recommended sequence approach to going through these modules depending on your persona.  Please match your role to the closest persona available.  For example, if you are an applications engineer there is a persona file for you to follow.  There are separate personas for field sales engineers and and inside sales representatives.  The most technical persona is for application engineers.  If you are not specifically one of these associates, use the persona file that best fits your activities and position. Distribution and sales representatives should follow the field sales engineer persona file.

Each persona file is set up with three columns.  The recommended sequence should follow this in order.  For example, track A should be completed first in the order defined A1 through AX.  Then move onto track B and then C.

Many of the slides within each training module have a significant amount of information on them.  I encourage you to pause the video periodically to make sure you understand the information in addition to the information the audio provides.  At the completion of each module you are required to take the quiz and print out or save the certificate.

This system will continue to evolve and be upgraded. There are likely corrections that will need to be made as well.  Questions, comments and suggestions should be directed to David Inman at dinman@parker.com, thank you.