This course covers how to connect and program the PAC320 controller using the Parker Automation Manager (PAM) controller. The QuickStart videos how to quickly get up and running. Then individual videos show more in depth on the different windows of the PAM software. The Toolbox has a demo program. The videos then walk you through how to modify that sample for your configuration: adding different IO modules, adding motion axis, setting tag names for the IO, setting axis scaling, Structured Text (ST) programming, Ladder Logic (LD) programming, Visualization, interfacing Xpress to the PAC, Compax3 EtherCAT configuration for PAC.

Welcome to Parker's course on the ACR9000 controller. 

The ACR 9000 is part of the electromechanical positioning systems family of controllers

This course will cover topics including, ACR EPL controller configuration, advanced tuning with o-scope, using the terminal emulator, using status panels for troubleshooting, Initializing the EPL and CANOpen networks, ACR hardware identification, acrobasic motion basics, acroPLC ladder basics, acrobasic homing, acrobasic stopping motion and acrobasic advanced motion.  

If you have not recieved a course key to access the course please contact the site administrator. Contact information can be found on the front page of the motion and control institute.