Available Courses:

There are several courses available including and Introduction to Electromechanical Technology and DC Drives technology featuring topics covering many aspects of the technology platform. These courses provide a deeper dive into the technology behind Parker's electromechanical products. 

Registration Instructions:

Access to Motion Control Institute courses is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for a user name and password
  2. Fill out a course registration form: e-Learning Registration Form 
  3. Contact Motion Control Institute at mctrain@parker.com to register for a course and receive your course registration key
  4. Sign-in to the course using your registration key and begin your 30 day access 

If you already have a registration key, click on the course links below to get started. You will be asked to enter your key in order to gain access to each course.

This course provides an introduction to DC drive technology and includes, an introduction to DC drives, mechanical principles,DC motor operation and DC drive operation.

This course is currently under construction and not available to students. 

This course provides an introduction to Grid Tie Inverter Technology, as well as a look into Parker's Solar Power Capabilities and Grid Energy Storage Solutions.

This course provides a basic introduction to hybrid electric technology as well as information on the use of hybrid technology in various applications including, refuse trucks and mobile vehicles